Apple Mac Logicboard Repair Service in Thailand

Logicboard repair services

Apple MacBook liquid damage are repaired by Phuket My Mac

MacBook Liquid spill

Your MacBook just had a liquid damage? Follow our advice and turn it off right away then send it to us ASAP. A liquid damaged MacBook won't fix itself with rice or by drying it with a fan. It needs a chemical bath in an ultrasonic cleaner and might also need some electronic chips replacement. The longer you wait before fixing it, the less chance you have to fix it properly.

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Your Apple Mac is not turning, even after an SMC Reset. Send it to Phuket My Mac

Not powering on

Your MacBook is not powering on? You did try already the SMC reset with no luck? Apple tell you that it is your mainboard (logicboard) which is faulty?! Apple Logicboards not turning on are usually caused by short circuits or dead power chips but it could be caused by plenty other reasons.

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Random Shutdown or restart

You are experiencing random shutdowns or restarts even after making a fresh install of Mac Os X or having replaced the memory kit and the hard drive. Then it sounds like a logicboard issue. Most of the time, on 15" MacBook Pro, it is related to the GPU. Otherwise it could be many different causes including a dead sensor. We will run all the necessary tests and fix the mainboard accordingly. Your logicboard will be in good hands with us.

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Doesn't charge

Your MacBook doesn't take a charge. The MagSafe light stays green after an SMC reset and a battery replacement. Therefor it has to be the logicboard. The charging circuitry is a complex system and you need a skillful eye to fix these kind of issues. That problem is a recurrent problem on MacBooks and we have a long experience fixing it. Be safe and send us your MacBook.

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No image/backlight on screen

You can hear the MacBook startup chime but you are getting no pictures on the screen or a very dark picture without brightness (backlight issue) even after a screen replacement. Then you have a non working logicboard that needs to be fixed. The backlight circuitry is on the edge of the logicboard and is one of the first circuitry that gets damaged with corrosion. We have a very good success rate fixing backlight problems so feel safe to send your Mac to us.

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Keyboard/trackpad not working

Your Mac has an issue with the trackpad or the keyboard even after replacing them? Next on the list is the logicboard. Both are connected to the same connector which then connects to the USB controller. Most of the time, these would fail because of corrosion. Camera and USB ports issues could be related to the same explanation as well.

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Your Apple Logicboard is dead and Apple gave you a repair bill of 34 000 bahts?
Contact Us first and we will fix your MacBook, iMac or Mac Mini Logicboard for a flat and much cheaper rate.
It doesn't make sense to replace a whole board if only a few components are failing or burnt.
Any Intel board is welcomed. We do a quality job and we can guarantee it for 3 months, with money back!

Send us your Mac and we'll repair its mainboard within a very short time. We are logicboard repair specialists and can fix mostly all issues within hours, taking up maximum to a few days. Please check our reviews and make the right choice before sending the computer to someone else who might destroy it and then a repair won't ever be possible...

- MacBook Logicboard Repair: 13,000 bahts
- iMac Logicboard Repair: 13,000 bahts

Please, check our FaceBook and Google reviews.
We receive Macs from Koh Lanta, Krabi, Kao Lak, Samui, etc... weekly. Our customer trust us, recommend us and we never failed them. Feel safe to send us your Mac and we'll make it work again in a very short time.


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